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Coming from a family of seamstresses, I always felt passion for design and fashion. As I grew up, I collided with a lot of trends and different styles, and then realized that my vocation is closely related to the fashion world. And after I had my own wedding, I realized how much the wedding dress counts in every woman's life, although you wear it only once, its memory lasts for a lifetime. This was the moment when I decided to create MID Bridal concept, which immediately turned into a soul business.
Signed, Mirela Iorgoni Design

How it started



"When you create wedding dresses, you want to value the most beautiful features of the woman who will wear it so that the chosen gown is an expression of personality and femininity."

Mirela Iorgoni


MID BRIDAL by Mirela Iorgoni Design

Mid Bridal is a new concept, a bridal boutique created from passion for art, fashion and creation. We started this project with the thought of contributing to the happiness of as many brides as possible. Consequently all our bridal gowns are unique and our wedding dress designer Mirela Iorgoni (Mirela Iorgoni Design) constantly seeks to follow the most appreciated trends in fashion and collaborates only with the best suppliers of fine and luxurious materials.

Born from the passion for design and transformed into a soul business, MID Bridal store offers custom made dresses tailored to the silhouette of each bride. Through our creations, we aim to highlight the woman's natural elegance, the timeless elegance that takes precedence over ephemeral trends.



MID Bridal by Mirela Iorgoni, our story